As New Zealander's improve the insulation of their homes to retain heat in the cooler months, many are facing the consequence of a 'one size fits all' double glazing approach leaving their homes uncomfortably hot and energy bills high as air conditioning is now used to cool the house.

In New Zealand, homeowners are increasingly facing the challenge of keeping their homes cool in the summer due to enhanced thermal insulation.  A recent RNZ article highlights the dilemma faced by Auckland townhouse owners, who reported their cooling costs due to overheating in summer to be double that of heating in winter​ (RNZ)​.

Though this article focuses on new build townhouses, this situation underscores a critical aspect of home insulation—the balance between retaining warmth and managing solar heat gain.  As homeowners increase the insulation in their previously cold and damp homes, they risk turning their home into a heat box.

A recent RNZ Article explains the cost of overheating in New Zealand homes.

The issue

Insulation plays a pivotal role in making homes energy efficient by keeping warmth inside during winter. However, the same properties that make these homes cozy in colder months can lead to excessively high temperatures in the summer, especially when the design doesn’t adequately consider solar heat gain. Overheating can result in uncomfortable living conditions and high cooling costs, as sunlight pours in through the windows and gets trapped inside, turning homes into greenhouses.

Glass and solar energy

Glass responds to solar energy (heat, light, ultraviolet and infrared from the Sun) by:

  • reflecting it back into the external environment,
  • absorbing it into the glass or
  • transmitting it into your home.

Low-E double glazing and solar energy

By upgrading to Low-E double glazing you can control the amount of heat, light and UV entering your home.  Much of the Low-E double glazing in New Zealand include Passive Solar Low-E glass which transmits high levels of both infrared and visible light meaning that you have a high level of solar heat and light entering your home.

That’s great when you struggle to gain and keep warmth in your home during those chilly winter months.  But what happens when you have large windows on the west facing side of your home with limited to no shading?  These windows will allow high amounts of heat into your home resulting in overheating making it uncomfortably hot.  (Want to learn more about how the path of the sun affects the comfort inside your home? Click here)

Addressing the issue

Choosing a product that reduces solar heat gain whilst still retaining heat inside your home provides the best of both worlds, keeping your home comfortable all year round.

SuperTherm Cool Low E Double Glazing
SuperTherm Cool Low E Double Glazing - let the right light in.

SuperTherm Cool™

Solar control Low-E products, like retroGLAZE® SuperTherm Cool™, exemplify advancements in this area. These products are engineered to reflect solar radiation, thereby reducing the amount of heat that enters the home, while still providing the insulation benefits needed to keep the home warm in those cooler months.

This technology offers a solution to the challenge of making homes comfortable year-round, balancing the need for insulation with the need to control indoor temperatures without resorting to excessive use of cooling systems.

The retroGLAZE® difference

As temperatures rise, the demand for homes that are not only energy efficient but also adaptable to varying solar conditions will continue to grow. Innovations like solar control Low-E products are vital in meeting these demands, ensuring that homes can be comfortable, sustainable, and cost-effective to maintain throughout the year.

RetroGlaze® Partners understand that there is more than one solution needed to keep your home comfortable all year around.  Click on ‘Talk to us’ now and one of our expert consultants will come to your home and recommend the right passive or solar control SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing for your home, and your needs.

Choose SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing so you can live in a more comfortable home, all year round.

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