Reduce solar heat gain with double glazing.

Traditional clear glass allows high levels of solar heat into your home, which is nice on those frosty winter mornings but can be very uncomfortable during the warmer months.  Finding a glass type that reduces solar heat gain whilst still providing exceptional insulation and light transmission will ensure you have the home comfort you long for..  The right glass selection will not only keep your home warmer in winter, but with SuperTherm Cool™ Double Glazing you can also keep your home cooler in summer, reducing glare’s annoying effects.

Traditionally, tinted glass or a tint with a reflective coating has been considered the only option to reduce excessive heat entering the home through window glazing.  The tint changes the movement of solar energy (in the form of heat and light) through the glass.

How does solar energy move into my home?

When solar energy (heat, light, UV & infra-red from the sun) meets glass, it is:
–  transmitted through the glass from the outside to inside
–  absorbed into the glass
–  heat that is absorbed into the glass is re-radiated into the exterior and interior
–  reflected back into the external environment

Different tint options perform in different ways e.g., the amount of heat transmitted in a grey tint is lower than that of green tint.  Grey tint absorbs much more of the solar heat energy and holds it in the glass than green tint does due to the heaviness and darkness of the tint.  Think of how black sand absorbs and holds more heat than white sand.

The negative pay-off of using tinted glass is a reduction in natural light coming into the home and in some cases, the interior of the home can feel quite dark, especially on a gloomy day.

Introducing SuperTherm Cool™.

Choosing SuperTherm Cool™ reduces solar heat gain without the negative pay-offs of reduced visible light and aesthetics of tinted glass.  The special nanoscopic (extremely small/thin) Low E coating of SuperTherm Cool™ allows the right light and heat to enter your home.  This reduces solar heat gain by up to 66%, whilst still allowing in 70% of the natural daylight.

Its insulation performance is also superior.  SuperTherm Cool™ reduces heat loss through glass by up to 83%, compared with single glazing.  Added benefit? You don’t have to add a tint to your double glazing to cool your house down over the summer.

The below performance data shows the superior reduction in Solar Heat Gain performance of SuperTherm Cool™ over traditional tinted double glazing.

When it comes to reducing heat from the sun without loosing out on beautiful daylight and exceptional thermal insulation, SuperTherm Cool™ is the right option.

Performance Data

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