Retrofit Double Glazing is a term that is becoming increasingly more visible in media and in discussions around improving unhealthy Kiwi homes and energy efficiency. So what is Retrofit Double Glazing?

Retrofit double glazing is the process of retrospectively fitting new energy-efficient double glazing into existing window frames that previously held single-pane glazing.

The process involves the removal of the inefficient single glass and making minor changes to the existing frames, which may include such changes as using new timber or aluminium beads, to be able to accommodate the additional thickness of the double glazing unit.

However, unlike alternative options available, these small changes will be almost unnoticeable, resulting in a finished product that maintains the authenticity and beautiful character of your existing windows.

This means that:
–  Timber window frames remain consistent without having any additions that compromise the aesthetics and insulation performance.
–  Aluminium window frames remain consistent, including opening windows and doors

The retroGLAZE® retrofit timber or aluminium system has been developed to provide existing homes with the benefits of double glazing without requiring the entire replacement of their joinery.

Joinery maintenance.

Lack of maintenance and general wear and tear could mean your existing timber or aluminium windows or doors are not functioning as they should.

Old timber window frames may have rotted, and need to be repaired.  Timber opening sashes may need to be replaced to provide a longer lasting, better functioning window.

Deteriorated hinges are replaced to ensure smooth functioning

Windows have components that wear over time such as window handles/ catches, stays/ hinges, gaskets, and draught seals. As part of the ‘retro glazing’ process, the required maintenance of seals and hinges will be carried out, and the option to upgrade hardware such as catches, and handles is available.

The outcome is that the windows and doors are refurbished and double glazed all at once.

Rotten timber window frames can be repaired and restored

Alternatives often confused with Retrofit Double Glazing.

– Insert double glazing

– Where new aluminium-framed double-glazed windows are ‘inserted’ into existing timber frames. This can be a useful alternative where the timber joinery has been under-maintained and subject to rotting – and where the authenticity of the timber character is not important to the homeowner

– Clip-on, or magnetic seal secondary glazing

– Where a piece of glass, or Perspex, is fitted to the existing single-glazed window or a second pane of glass or Perspex is glazed into a second rebate. The lack of an effective seal between the surfaces means that moisture, dust and mould can occur between the two panes.  Often portrayed as a cheaper alternative, these alternatives can prove to be significantly more costly overall.

In considering Retrofit Double Glazing, it is important to understand what you are getting for your money. In buying products with an installation service, there is more ‘to get right’ for an existing home.

The retroGLAZE® system was developed for this reason.  We think that homeowners should be able to have quality products installed correctly with excellent service.

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Together you can find the right solutions to bring that extra comfort, whilst helping to reduce power bills, and providing you with the style you desire.