There’s nothing quite like being stuck between two great choices.

How do you know which one will benefit you the most?Deciding whether to retrofit or replace your windows and doors can feel confusing, draining, or even overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve tackled this question to help you find the best choice for your home.

The choices.

Retrofit Double Glazing.

Retrofit double glazing uses your existing timber or aluminium frames, replacing the old single glazing with new double glazing in either traditional or high-performing Low E options.

Replacement Windows & Doors.

Replacement double glazing involves removing both the existing glass and frames of your aluminium or timber windows and doors, and replacing them with thermally enhanced joinery.

Joinery condition.

With our systems, most joinery can be retrofitted with double glazing. But sometimes when the window and door frames are old and tired, replacement may be the way to go.

Condition of timber joinery.

Ahh, beautiful native NZ timber.  Many homes built between the 1900s and the 1950s consist of this robust timber.  It is often well suited for double glazing.  Homes from the 1960s and beyond may not use native timbers, but most timber joinery can still be modified to install genuine double glazing.

Some houses may have joinery deterioration and rot from moisture, likely due to poor maintenance.  Our repair systems can often remove and repair the damage.  In other cases, the windows and door are unsuitable for retrofitting and will require replacement joinery.

Rotten timber window frames can be repaired and restored

Draught seals can be installed to reduce any cold sneaking through air gaps.  Hinges and stays are replaced, with the option for other hardware to be updated to freshen up your home for decades to come.

Condition of aluminium joinery.

Are your windows not closing or sealing well anymore? Joinery flimsy? Or maybe your windows are hardy, but they don’t look as ‘wow’ as they used to? It may be time to say bye to your joinery….

Aluminium joinery typically lasts around 45 years. Some joinery from the 60’s and 70’s may be too thin and weak to hold the weight or thickness of double glazing. Also, not all older joinery will reach today’s standard for weather tightness which is a real concern as major weather events increase.

You may realise it’s the end of your joinery’s life in the damaged walls under the window or the moisture ingress. Other hints may be the rubber seals have shrunk or the hardware, such as the stays or catches, are no longer functioning optimally

Replacement Window and Door options.

Alternatively, poorly maintained frames may not be retro-‘fit’.  The joinery may not be the appropriate size for the added thickness double glazing brings or may be in too poor of a state to support the new double glazing.

RetroGLAZE® ThermaL 4.0™ Full Replacement or Insert windows and doors enable you to replace your existing windows with new thermally enhanced joinery complete with high-performing SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing.

Rotten timber window frames

Designed here in New Zealand for our climate, our thermally enhanced windows and doors provide superior insulating performance. This means you retain more heat inside when it’s cold outside.

Personal preference.

Once your joinery has been assessed for the possibility of retrofitting, it’s your time to work out what is the best look for your dream home.

Are you wanting to keep the original character of your home?  Or are you looking to modernise?  Windows and doors can be key for aesthetic appeal, and we want to support your dreams for your home.

Click on one of the ‘Talk To Us’ buttons and we’ll arrange for a local consultant to come visit your home.

Together you can find the right solutions to bring that extra comfort, whilst helping to reduce power bills, and providing you with the style you desire.