Your ready to upgrade to genuine double glazing, but you’re worried your beautiful timber windows won’t be able to be retrofitted?  You want to know, can your timber window frames be retrofitted with double glazing?

Most timber window and door frames can be retrofitted, and the outcome may have you looking hard to try and spot the changes. This is because the process makes use of the design of your existing window frames.

The timber retrofit process.

First, we remove the original poor-performing single glazing.  A larger space is routered out of your existing frames to provide room for the new genuine double glazing.

Once the glass is in place, we install new timber beads to hold the unit securely in place, providing a stylish and weather-tight seal.

When are frames unable to be retrofitted?

Sometimes timber windows have deteriorated so badly that retrofitting with genuine double glazing will not be possible.  This is usually due to a lack of regular maintenance over many years.  Sometimes the timber is badly deteriorated but repairable, however, the cost of that repair work may put retrofitting outside of your budget.

Our retroGLAZE® consultants will come to your home and walk through the windows you wish to have retrofitted with double glazing.  They will inspect your frames and discuss any possible problem areas with you during the consultation process and let you know what options there are available.

Saving money with Timber Retrofit Double Glazing.

By choosing Timber Retrofit Double Glazing instead of Full Replacement Windows and Doors, a significant saving is made. These savings can be anything from 30% and in some cases over 50%.  This is because the retrofit double glazing process uses most of your original timber framing.

Environmental benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing.

Not only will you save in monetary costs, but in environmental costs as well.  The retrofit process is far less intrusive than Full Replacement Windows and Doors and is better for the environment with less waste going to landfill and lower manufacturing costs

With 19 years of experience retrofitting timber window frames in a range of styles, from historic colonial and villa homes to contemporary designs, you’re home will be in safe, experienced hands with retroGLAZE® partners