Choose Timber and Aluminium Retrofit with high-performing SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing for a warmer, drier, healthier home.

17 May 2024

Middlemore’s Kidz First in Auckland has seen a huge increase in children being admitted for a range of respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, chest infections, and even pneumonia. This has been its busiest year in two decades with 300 children admitted each month so far this year, and winter is still to come!

TV1’s Breakfast spoke with Dr Richard Matsas, the Clinical Director at Middlemore’s Kidz First Children’s Hospital this morning about the concerns around this increase.  Dr Matsas shares;

Middlemore's Kidz First Clinical Director Dr Richard Matsas speaks on TV1 Breakfast about the effects of cold, draughty, damp homes on New Zealands children.

“Children who live in cold, draughty, damp homes are more susceptible to infection. That’s a fact. Parents tell us time and time again that they’re very frustrated with the houses they live in. They struggle to heat those houses. They struggle to keep draughts at bay, mould, and condensation away, and cold houses are difficult to heat. A difficult to heat house costs a lot more. So it’s a big strain on families and sometimes the default is the house doesn’t get heated at all so the kids are living in cold homes and they come into hospital, we make them better but sadly we feel sometimes we’re sending them back to the very environment that made them sick in the first place”

The 2018 census highlighted that one in six homes had patches of mould larger than an A4 paper size and dampness (One in five homes damp, 2019), with an expectation that the 2023 census would produce similar numbers (Joining the dots on housing conditions, health and wellbeing, 2023).

Retrofit Double Glazing to improve health and wellbeing

Retrofit Double Glazing is a great way to help reduce the impact of cold temperatures and the effect they have on those living inside poorly built homes in New Zealand.  By replacing poor performing single glazing with double glazing, particularly high-performing double glazing like the retroGLAZE® SuperTherm™ range of Low-E double glazing, you can reduce the movement of heat from inside your home to the cold outdoors, and vice versa.  This reduction in heat loss allows the inner pane of your double glazing to stay warmer, helping to reduce or even eliminate condensation.

Why do I still get condensation when I have double glazing?

Reduced amounts of condensation may still occur on cold days in homes with high humidity levels. To help prevent this, ensure extractor fans are use in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom, open windows for 15 minutes a day, and avoid drying your washing indoors to keep humidity at a healthy level – learn more by clicking here.

High-performing SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing

SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing has a nanoscopically thin coating on one side that is undetectable to the human eye and has special properties that perform like a filter to allow the right light in.

Low-E glass responds to different wavelengths of light, letting healthy levels of daylight pass through whilst blocking particular wavelengths of heat energy and UV.  The heat generated inside your home is a different wavelength again.  SuperTherm™ double glazing is designed to reflect this inside heat energy, keeping it inside where it belongs.  All of this results in a warmer, drier, healthier home!

Not all double glazing is the same with many cheaper options not able to provide the same level of performance, clarity, and durability as retroGLAZE® SuperTherm™ range of Low-E double glazing.   Make sure to ask for high-performing SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing to ensure you have a warmer, drier, healthier home.

Introducing SuperTherm Double Glazing
SuperTherm™ Double Glazing - lets the right light into your home.

Stop wasting money on unnecessarily high power bills, numerous visits to the doctor or chemist, and days off work.  retroGLAZE® retrofit solutions with SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing is an investment in your health and wellbeing.  Talk to one of our double glazing specialists to learn how Retrofit Double Glazing can give you a warmer, drier, healthier home.