Understanding the role of the spacer.

A double glass unit consists of two (or three) pieces of glass separated by a spacer.  This spacer provides the structure of the unit as it keeps the glass a consistent space apart.

This space is filled with air or argon and it provides the seal that is a key part of genuine double glazing.  Making sure you select the right spacer for your home’s needs is vital when considering insulating performance and durability.

Traditionally, aluminium spacers were used but these spacers perform poorly at reducing the movement of heat/cold from inside to out.  This can be seen by large amounts of condensation forming around the edge of the unit when it’s cold outside.

Advancements in technology and design produced “warm edge” spacer development, which contains materials that are less conductive than aluminium and therefore lessens the movement of heat/cold through the spacer leaving a warm edge around the unit, which results in improved thermal insulation.

What is SuperTherm Low E double glazing?

retroGLAZE® high-performing SuperTherm™ double glazing uses high-performance thermal foam spacer.  This foam has no metal so reduces the movement of heat through the edge of the double glazing.

The flexibility of the spacer takes the stress of the primary and secondary seal as glass flexes due to wind or loading, ensuring your double glazing will last the distance.

By choosing genuine SuperTherm™ high-performing double glazing with a durable, flexible thermal spacer you will notice a large improvement in insulation performance, with the added benefit of a reduction, possibly elimination, of condensation.