Upgrade to comfort without losing your existing frames.

A big concern for many people looking at upgrading to double glazing is whether they need to replace their window and door frames and therefore lose some of the beautiful character of their home.  In most cases, you can retain your existing timber or aluminium frames and see very little difference.

One of the many benefits of retrofit double glazing is that you can retain your existing timber or aluminium window and door frames.  This allows you to keep the beautiful character of your home.  In most cases, Retrofit Double Glazing will be the right option for your home, and should only require some minor changes for double glazing to fit.   The outcome is such that you may struggle to identify what has changed. This is because the process makes use of the design of the existing window frames.

In some cases, your window joinery may require repair or replacement if it is in a poor state.  Timber frames that have significant rotting, causing the frame to break down, may be too damaged or uneconomical to repair.  Though a lot of rot can be cut out and the frames repaired, sometimes the damage is too substantial and replacement frames may be the right option. Aluminium frames that are too narrow, too flimsy or heavily deteriorated may also require replacement.


Hinges and stays are replaced as part of the retroGLAZE® process.  Replacing old hardware such as window latches or door handles that aren’t working or just need a refresh may also be suggested. This can be done easily during the project and saves your having to pay someone else to do it later.

Saving with Retrofit Double Glazing.

In keeping the existing frames a significant saving is made when compared with Replacement Windows and Doors (this can be anything from 30% and in some cases over 50%). It also means the work is much less intrusive since the frames aren’t being removed.  There isn’t a risk of introducing leaky building issues and there won’t be additional finishing required for internal walls and external cladding

Environmental benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing.

Retrofitting double glazing into existing frames is good for the environment.  It results in less waste going to landfills and less energy consumption in the manufacturing process.  Retrofit Double Glazing not only lowers the energy consumption in your home as you use heat pumps and dehumidifiers less, but it also reduces the energy consumption required to manufacture.