Have peace of mind that retrofit double glazing is possible for your home.

You’re desperate to upgrade to the comfort of double glazing, but you fear your old frames will have to be replaced at a cost you just can’t afford.  Maybe you’re questioning, can all aluminium window frames be retrofitted with double glazing?

For the most part, aluminium window and door frames can be retrofitted, but some joinery from the 60’s and 70’s may prove to be too flimsy, and some joinery may not have enough space or structural strength to hold the additional weight of genuine double glazing units.  Why not have one of our experts come and check so you can be sure?

Once retrofitted, the outcome may have you looking hard to try and spot the changes. This is because the process makes use of the design of your existing window frames.

Unless you want to make changes to the layout of your windows, the only difference will be that the single glazing bead that angles in will be replaced by a double glazing bead that sits flush to the face of the joinery.

Single glazing window.

Double glazing window

The reason for this new bead is to allow additional space for the double glazing to sit in the frame.  The added benefit of this new flush bead is that your joinery will look the same as joinery in new builds today.

In keeping the existing frames, a significant cost saving is made when compared with full replacement (this can be anything from 30% and in some cases over 50%).   Not only will you save financially, but you also save in environmental impact.  By retrofitting existing joinery, there is less waste going to landfill and less energy is consumed in manufacturing and distribution.