It's time to retrofit or replace the joinery in your home.

but you’ve come to a standstill trying to determine which retrofit double glazing business is right for you.

There’s an overwhelming amount of confusing information about Retrofit Double Glazing and different types of double glazing available. Where do you start?  When you choose a local retroGLAZE® partner, you can be sure you are receiving the right double glazing, customised to your home’s specific needs.  Not only will your windows and doors look great and perform exceptionally, but they’ll also be built to last.

So what is the retroGLAZE® system?

The retroGLAZE® system has been specifically developed to install genuine double glazing solutions into your homes existing joinery.

It works in any home, whether timber or aluminium joinery and is designed to use as much of your existing joinery as possible, resulting in:

  • Less waste
  • Significant savings (35%-45% of the cost of full replacement)
  • A less invasive solution (most changes are virtually unnoticeable)

We’ve carefully selected the best performing products, and worked with engineers, to test, refine and improve our system over the last 19 years, to provide you with a superior double glazing solution. The developments include the way in which we modify the existing joinery, down to the specially developed and A+ rated SuperTherm™ double glazing.

The retroGLAZE® system has undertaken considerable research and development to create a range of industry leading double glazing units (DGUs) that:

  • Perform exceptionally – we’ve carefully selected the best performing products to provide you with a superior double glazing solution.
  • Look aesthetically pleasing – when we thought about the designs, we didn’t just want the solution to “do the job”, we wanted them to look good too.
  • Are built to last – we’re focused on getting it right for you and delivering a better result that is durable, will go the distance and ensure the ongoing integrity of your windows and doors.

SuperTherm™ Low-E glass.

SuperTherm double glazing uses the latest technology and is at the forefront of high performance Low-E glass internationally. SuperTherm double glazing has the following major advantages over older Low-E glass technologies:

  • Visible Light Transfer – SuperTherm allows more than 80% VLT
  • Greater Clarity – SuperTherm has a soft coat, which won’t haze or look milky when light hits it.
  • Improved Thermal Performance – It has been specifically designed for climates like New Zealand and is the best in its class for thermal performance.

SuperTherm with Argon = up to 81%+ heat loss reduction.

Space fill:  Argon gas.

We provide solutions for both air and argon – however, argon is by far a more superior product as it does not allow heat transfer.   By substituting air with an inert gas such as argon, window energy efficiency can be further increased:

  • Argon has 34% lower thermal conductivity than air.
  • Argon fillings should last the lifetime of a double glazing window and over a period of 25 years should not lose more than 5%.

Spacer: Super Spacer.

Genuine SuperTherm Double Glazing

The type of spacer used in double glazing is key to its performance and durability. We supply double glazing manufactured with world leading Super Spacer® – a flexible spacer made of an acrylic adhesive seal. Super Spacer’s® no-metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. This means it keeps the heat in during winter and keeps it cool during summer.

The Super Spacer® has the following major advantages over rigid, metal spacers:

  • Thermal Advantage – unlike metal, acrylic adhesives are not a good conductor of heat and therefore do not allow heat to easily pass. It is comprised of structural foam, and has much warmer edges, therefore resulting in less heat loss and reduced condensation.
  • Durability Advantage – unlike metal spaces which are rigid Super Spacer® is a flexible spacer that leads to reduced stress and increased durability.

Optimised space.

By “space”, we refer to the distance between the two panes of glass. The optimal space between panes is between 10-16mm.

The retroGLAZE® system is designed to ensure you get the best energy saving performance when you fit double glazing into your existing windows and doors. For example:

  • A 12mm space provides 8% better thermal performance than an 8mm space (for air-filled double glazing).
  • The space should be at least 10mm and not more than 16mm (the optimal space with air filled double glazing is 14mm and with argon gas is 12mm).

Simple and straight-foward: The retroGLAZE® process.

Using the retroGLAZE® system we manage the process from start to finish to ensure your project runs smoothly and your expectations are met.

1. Consultation:

One of our local consultants will visit your home to discuss your specific needs and find the right solution for you and your home.  We’ll present all the options that can help improve the health and comfort of your home and take time to demonstrate what the changes will look like and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll then take the required measurements and provide you with a quote.

2. Project confirmation:

Prior to the installation of your new double glazed windows, we’ll double check that all your measurements and specifications are correct and ensure all your project expectations have been covered.

3. Installation:

Our trusted technicians will remove your existing glass and install your new, thermally enhanced double glazing.  Like you, we expect tradespeople to show common courtesies and respect for your home.  Our trained, expert team are clean, tidy, and considerate so you can have the confidence that we will do a professional job in a trustworthy manner