Feel warm and comfortable in your own home.

Retrofit Double Glazing improves your quality of life inside while retaining the character of your home outside.

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Feel warm and comfortable in your own home.

Retrofit Double Glazing improves your quality of life inside while retaining the character of your home outside.

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Quality solutions built to last

Enjoy a warmer, healthier home

Improve your quality of life

It’s cold, wet and noisy outside.It shouldn’t be like that inside too.

But this is the reality of life without double glazing. You might relate:

  • Winter’s just begun, and you’re dreading having to get out of bed, cold for the rest of the season.
  • The kids have got runny noses again, and your sick leave is depleting fast. You just want your family to be healthy.
  • Your home is no longer your happy place. Increased traffic and residential noise is intruding on your peace.
  • Your house is an oven over summer, yet you can't take your puffer jacket off in winter.
  • You can feel the dampness and you’re worried about mould. You don’t want your family's health to be affected.
  • Your home doesn't feel safe. You worry about how secure you really are.  Your window handles are worn and probably won't keep intruders out.

Don’t settle for life without the benefits of double glazing.

You should be comfortable in your own home.

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Keep the character of your home outsideimprove your quality of life inside.

Keep the character of your home outsideimprove your quality of life inside.

RetroGlaze retrofit double glazing into timber windows

Timber retrofitdouble glazing

Retain the character and insulating properties of timber when you upgrade your frames with high-performing double glazing.

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Aluminium retrofitdouble glazing

If your joinery is in good condition, you can save time and money by installing double glazing into your existing frames.

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Replacementwindows & doors

When frames can’t be reused, we remove and replace them with thermally enhanced joinery and glass. These solutions have superior insulating performance.

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Here’s why retroGLAZE® double glazing is the best solution for you.

Enjoy a warm, healthy home

Now you can stay warm in winter, and cool in summer with the insulating layer of double glazing. It helps protect your home from fluctuating temperatures outside and reduces heat loss, so you can save on power bills.

Quality solutions that are built to last

We use proven systems and high-quality solutions so you can have confidence in the performance and durability of your double glazing.

Improve your quality of life

Don't put up with moisture inside your home affecting your health. Double glazing helps to eliminate condensation and mould while also reducing unwanted external noise. Now you can relax in your comfortable, healthy home.

We get things right the first time

All our solutions are backed by well-established systems that ensure we get things right the first time, reducing the risk of unexpected delays and costs that take you by surprise.

Retrofitting is great for the environment

When you retrofit without replacing your window frames, you'll be generating less landfill. Increased insulation also means you can reduce your carbon footprint by running your heater and air conditioning less frequently.

We tailor solutions to suit you

We understand that every home is unique. Whatever your retrofit or replacement double glazing needs are, we work hard to provide the right retroGLAZE® solution to achieve your home comfort.

Your plan to home comfort.

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Book a call and talk to us about your home

We understand every home is unique. Book a call and we can discuss your requirements before we give you a figure.

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We'll come and take a look

We meet with you to take measurements. This will ensure your solution is right first time. We then tailor a plan to suit your needs.


We'll get to work

With solutions that are machined off-site, you’ll get a seamless install that causes minimal disruption.


Enjoy life with double glazing

Finally get the comfort you deserve and enjoy spending time in your warm and healthy home.

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Window wisdom.

You’re wanting to upgrade the comfort of your home with genuine double glazing, but are you worried that you will have to lose your beautiful natural timber joinery?

Our experience is that most timber window and door frames can be retrofitted, and the outcome may have you looking hard to try and spot the changes. This is because the process makes use of the design of your existing window frames.  Read more here…

Deciding whether to retrofit or replace your windows and doors can feel confusing, draining, or even overwhelming.

Retrofit double glazing uses your existing aluminium frames, replacing the old single glazing with new double glazing, whereas replacement double glazing involves removing both the existing glass and frames of your aluminium or timber windows and doors, replacing them with thermally enhanced joinery. Read more here…

Have you heard this term so many times but you still have no idea what retrofit double glazing actually is?  Let us help!

Retrofit double glazing is the process of retrospectively fitting new energy-efficient double glazing into existing window frames that previously held single-pane glazing.  Read more here….

Changes to Clause H1 in the NZ Building Code require homes to achieve a minimum energy performance.  WEERS, or the Window Energy Efficiency Rating System, enables you to accurately assess the energy efficiency of the windows or glazed doors you choose.  Visit the WGANZ site or read more here…