Did you know that up to 50% of a home’s heat is lost through windows and doors!?

Traditional single-glazed windows lead to colder homes and a greater likelihood of condensation and moisture, leaving your home cold, damp and draughty.  You’re left wondering how you can beat the cold, damp and mould this winter? Maybe you can relate?

Condensation forms on a cold surface when the air cools enough to reach its dew point (the point at which air condenses).  As single-glazed windows lack thermal insulation, they gather this moisture in the form of water droplets.  Condensation can lead to more than bacteria and mould and it can also increase the chances of your home battling fungi, mites, and viruses, causing asthma, allergies, and respiratory infection.

Double glazing with Low-E.

High-performing, Low E double glazing, such as the retroGLAZE SuperTherm™ range, can keep the cold temperatures at bay giving you a better-insulated home and keeping you warmer, drier and healthier.

When Does Condensation Occur?

Double glazing with SuperTherm™ Low-E.

SuperTherm™ Low E significantly reduces heat loss, providing more consistent temperatures throughout the night and day.  The double-up of glass supplies a thicker shield against the cold, with the inner pane remaining substantially warmer.

Benefit?  Warmer glass = less air chill

This genuine double glazing has two panes of glass connected with a water and airtight sealed spacer, that increases durability and insulation.  The addition of a gas (air or argon) in between the two panes acts as a thermal blanket, preventing the transfer of hot or cold air between the inside and outside.

Top tip:  We recommend argon gas as it is a better insulator than air

Choosing the best glass, spacer, seal, and gas fill will all determine how well your double glazing will perform.

As a result of choosing high-performing, SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing, there is an increase in comfort, and you will likely experience a positive effect on your health.  What’s more?  There will be saving on power bills.  Now you can get that air fryer you’ve been eyeing up…

We believe SuperThem™ Low E double glazing is the solution for you!

You should feel warm in your home without having to hide under three blankets in the long winter months just to stop the chill factor. You deserve more than that winter sickness biting at you again You deserve genuine SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing