Making the right choice to warm up your home.

We all want to live in a home that is warm and dry.  We all want to live in comfort.  For many New Zealand homes, as the days get cooler, their homes are far from comfortable.  Upgrading to genuine double glazing will help you get back that home comfort you're missing.

Single glazing.

Early New Zealand housing typically has windows containing 3mm – 4mm single glazing.  Though single glazing works well at keeping rain and the odd tennis ball outside where they belong, it does not perform well at preventing the cold temperatures moving into your home.  Living in a cold and damp home means constantly fighting winter ills and chills as you watch your sick leave disappear.  Running heaters, heat pumps and dehumidifiers is just another expense!  Does this sound familiar??

Due to recent changes in the H1 Clause of the NZ Building Code, double glazing is now required in all new home builds, and in many cases Low E double glazing will be required to reach the code requirements.  For retrofit or replacement situations where consent is unlikely to be needed, the requirement is that the level of insulation must be the same or improved.  As healthy homes and energy efficiency continues to be a focus, this may still change.  We recommend upgrading to Low E double glazing to improve your home comfort, provide a more energy efficient home and to future proof your windows and doors.

Genuine double glazing.

What is SuperTherm Low E double glazing?
SuperTherm double glazing - the key elements explained

Double glazing is a sealed unit comprising two panes of glass held apart by a spacer.  This spacer has a dual seal applied between the glass and the spacer, and around the back of the spacer, resulting in a hermetically (air-tight) sealed unit.

The space formed inside the unit between the two panes of glass is filled with a gas, usually air or argon, which acts as a thermal blanket.

This thermal blanket slows down the movement of heat/cold through the double glazing unit, helping to keep the inside pane warmer.  Having a warmer internal pane of glass improves the internal temperature of your home and reduces the chance of condensation forming on your windows

Low-E double glazing - SuperTherm™.

Upgrade your existing windows and doors to SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing.  The special Low E coating on SuperTherm™ lets the right solar energy into your home whilst keeping the heat produced inside the home where it belongs… inside!  Add to that, the space inside the double glazing acts as a thermal blanket, slowing down the heat/cold transfer through your windows and keeping the internal pane of your double glazing warmer.

Condensation is greatly reduced, if not eliminated, as the inside pane of the double glazing is now kept at a warmer temperature.  This means it needs to be much colder outside for the inner pane to reach dew point where water vapour in the air becomes condensation on your window.  With less moisture pooling on your window sills, the likelihood of mould forming is greatly reduced.

Introducing SuperTherm Double Glazing
SuperTherm™ Double Glazing - lets the right light into your home.

The SuperTherm™ range includes:

–  SuperTherm Warm™ – to maximise solar energy in the form of daylight and warmth, delivering outstanding thermal insulation

–  SuperTherm Cool™ – to reduce overheating where the Sun’s radiant heat is a problem, whilst still providing an excellent level of thermal insulation for those cooler months.

–  SuperTherm Protect™ – combines the superior performance of SuperTherm Cool™ with acoustic laminated glass to provide increased home comfort and security.

Choose SuperTherm™ Timber Retrofit or Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing or Replacement Windows and Doors, and improve the health of your home and your family.

Have a look at the chart below to see how SuperTherm Warm™ compares to single glazing and traditional double glazing at keeping the warmth inside your home where it belongs.