Case Study: Aluminium RetrofitModernising for home comfort

Familiarity breeds trust: A repeat customer’s story.

Moving house was pretty exciting for the new owners of this spacious 1970s family home until the temperatures dropped!  Having already double glazed their prior home, they knew just what to do.  Wanting to increase the temperatures indoors and reduce condensation that caused mould in the home, the Hessel’s chose to upgrade their single glazing to double glazing with Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing.  Not only did they achieve a modern look, but their home is now warmer, drier and more comfortable.  How, you may ask? Let’s delve into the project and find out.

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How great is it to have a customer that has already experienced the benefits of retrofit double glazing return when they purchase their next property?  That’s what happened with this family. Having used Wellington Glass & Mirror (in partnership with retroGLAZE®) to retrofit double glazing into their previous home, the Hessell family knew what a warmer, drier, healthier home felt like.

As soon as the temperatures in Wellington started to drop, they realised that their new home was cold and suffered from condensation and draughts, not to mention road noise!  Aware that the coldest nights weren’t too far away, they contacted Wellington Glass & Mirror to see if they could do it again, and quickly!

Wanting to increase the temperature and in turn reduce mould causing condensation in the home, the Hessel’s chose SuperTherm Warm™ Low-E double glazing for their windows and doors.  Taking away the aluminium colonial bars modernised the home giving it the final touch.

Don’t put up with cold, damp conditions.

Get your plan for home comfort with Retrofit Double Glazing and Replacement Windows and Doors.

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